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Everyone deserves shelter, dignity, respect, and the financial means to provide for their family and themselves. After the earthquake’s devastation in 2010, it seemed that international aid would rebuild Haiti. Over $10 billion dollars in aid were earmarked to provide housing and build an infrastructure. The money did not reach the people. Thousands are still living in temporary shelters, in unsanitary conditions. Over $500 million were collected by the Red Cross, who promised to rebuild Haiti. This did not occur. In addition, the forced expulsion of people of Haitian heritage from the Dominican Republic with only the clothes on their back has exacerbated the dire need for housing.

This is the type of community we will be building in Paillant, Haiti

This is the type of community we will be building in Paillant, Haiti

Simple cement block houses with tin roofs can be built inexpensively using local materials and local labor. The mission of the Haiti Housing Project is to build a community of simple cement block houses to provide shelter for those needing a helping hand, and ultimately to provide them with a self sufficient community that provides and promotes education and training so they may support themselves and others with dignity and respect, and contribute substantially and economically to society.

These are our plans so the country can begin to restore itself and the pride of the people.


Imagine a self-sustaining community of fiercely loyal newly liberated citizens, so thankful to have an opportunity to provide a good life for their families and participate in the education of their children for a life of pride and service and connection.

Our vision over the next five years is to:

  • Create 100 or more jobs for the local populace, which includes contractors, laborers, farming, wood working and mechanical skills, surveyors, merchants, and the participants.
  • Create property owners with fiscal responsibility, consumers, utilizing educational exchange, investment growth, and a constantly increasing tax base.
  • Create an innovative, self sustaining model community that can attract high visibility, a conversational buzz and be replicated in other areas of Haiti.


We will build houses for families who meet the following criteria:

  • The family has an established need for housing
  • The participants agree to participate in a literacy training program
  • The participants agree to participate in training to learn business and administrative skills
  • The participants agree to personally help build their home
  • The participants each agree to participate in selected types of community service every week with accountability
  • The participants agree to repay the seed money for their business by repaying the amount of their loan to invest in other similar projects, and mentor other candidates through the system once their business is operational


By participating in the literacy and fundamental entrepreneurial business training, participants will learn success principles, mindset training, self esteem, pride elevation, contribute to society, creating a tax base. The training will be provided through community meetings and the technical school in Mussotte.


       Once participants have completed literacy and simple financial, saving and business training criteria, we will provide a small business loan to help them establish a useful community based business.


Participants repay the Haiti Housing Project through:

  • specific forms of service to their community
  • helping to maintain and beautify the community through team involvements
  • acting as tutors and mentors and accountability partners to help participants through the system, developing cooperative business community service teams and financial skills
  • providing seed money for other participants to bond others to success in establishing useful new needed businesses.



Haiti Community Project, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization. Gifts are deductible to the full extent allowable under IRS regulations



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