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Imagine being blindsided by a hurricane in the middle of the night.

You have no money, no food, no clean water and you’ve lost all your possessions…

What would you do?



Still reeling from the devastating earthquake in 2010, Haiti’s fragile infrastructure was hit by a ferocious category 4 hurricane in October, 2016. Hundreds died in the storm and over a million people in western Haiti are without food, water or safe housing.


The residents of Musotte, a small, rural village nestled high in the mountains, were completely unprepared for the hurricane, and most have lost their shelter, crops, livestock, food, and the ability to support themselves. Simple folk, they make their living farming vegetables, and selling produce at market




The Haiti Community Project

HCP in collaboration with the Foundation for the Children of Haiti (FEH) is using local Haitian resources to rebuild Musotte. It is the most practical way to ensure the job gets done well, with minimal waste. Recipients of houses have joined a KOMBIT, a traditional cooperative way Haitians work together to farm their land. Our Kombit is a collaborative effort for community residents to help each other build houses and pay it forward as they get back on their feet.





  • Simple, clean cement block houses with a cement roof  and small porch are  now being built for $4,000 using local materials and local labor.
  • Using local materials to build houses bypasses customs and governmental agencies, ensuring the money goes where it’s needed.
  • Local Haitian organizations are among the most effective at rebuilding Haiti. They know their country and what works.


Gladys Thomas

Gladys Thomas

Elementary School in Musotte

FEH built Elementary School in Musotte


The Haiti Community Project is collaborating with Gladys Thomas, President and CEO of the Foundation for the Children of Haiti to rebuild Musotte, one house at a time. For over 30 years Gladys has been committed to serving the most vulnerable of Haiti’s people, Haiti’s children.  Starting from a single orphanage in Port-au-Prince, FEH has expanded its mission to include several primary schools, additional orphanages, special care for the handicapped, and a high-quality, full-service hospital.  FEH has built a primary school for over 300 students in Musotte, and has just completed the Musotte Institute of Technology.

Help a Haitian family get a sturdy, safe, home, with seeds to replant their garden and livestock so they can thrive!

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