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In 2010, Haiti was ripped apart by a devastating earthquake. Donations poured in from around the world. The International Red Cross and other aid organizations administered emergency relief. Tent cities and medical stations were set up for temporary housing. Over $10 billion in aid was directed toward rebuilding Haiti, unfortunately, so little reached the very desperate people living in temporary housing.

People are still living in temporary housing with no plumbing

Photo Credit: VICE on HBO

The Red Cross received $500 million and vowed to use it to rebuild Haiti. Although they claimed to have built thousands of houses, the total number of houses they built was six.

While some religious and local organizations are making significant strides in helping Haiti rebuild with dignity, there is massive need for housing.

The Haiti Housing Project

This is the type of community we will be building in Paillant, Haiti

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  • A simple, clean 3 – 4 room cement block house with a tin roof and small porch can be built for under $5,000 using local materials.
  • Housing can be built using local resources and local labor.
  • Using local materials to build houses bypasses customs and governmental agencies, ensuring the money goes where it’s needed.
  • Local Haitian organizations are among the most effective at rebuilding Haiti. They know their country and what works.


Gladys Thomas

Gladys Thomas

Paillant, future home of the Haiti Housing Project village

The Haiti Housing Project is working closely with Gladys Thomas, President and CEO of the Foundation for the Children of Haiti to build a small village in Paillant, Haiti one house at a time. For over 30 years Gladys has been committed to serving the most vulnerable of Haiti’s people, Haiti’s children.  Starting from a single orphanage in Port-au-Prince, FEH has expanded its mission to include several primary schools, additional orphanages, special care for the handicapped, and a high-quality, full-service hospital.  In January of 2013 Gladys was recognized for her excellent humanitarian work in Haiti when she was awarded the William Jefferson Clinton Goodwill for Haiti Award by the international charity Haven (http://www.havenpartnership.org). Foundation has built a primary school for over 225 students in Paillant, and has begun construction for a technical school there as well.

You can help a Haitian family get a sturdy, safe, home!

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